Based on the internationally known workshop, Selves in Action, this is a Masterclass in techniques to help coaching clients to explore the rich territory of their inner selves.

Voice Dialogue creates a safe space in which to give the different facets of our personalities a voice and to understand the often conflicting needs of each. It introduces the concept of an inner family and how we might make choices about which facet of our personality is in charge at any one time. We will explore a coaching approach to Selves in Action that can be used in one-to-one and group settings.

Participants will use a blend of coaching questions, constellation, mask work and voice dialogue to develop their own approach to working with selves and subpersonalities. They will act as both coaches and clients, with plenty of opportunity to practice.

Facilitated by Sam Chittenden & Adrian Longstaffe

Early Bird Price available if paid in full, six weeks in advance

Further details: www.differentdevelopment.com/Different_Development/CoachingSelves.html

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