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Presentation Skills Workshop

Important interview coming up?
Needing to do presentations?
Terrified of public speaking?
Want to be more confident in your relationships?

Our unique workshop will give you the confidence to tackle these challenges with ease. Unlike a lot of presentation skills training, we won’t just give you tools and techniques. We will help you understand and combat the things that actually make you anxious.

The workshops are designed to give you plenty of individual attention.

You will learn:
How you come across as a presenter
The impact of voice and posture
How to connect with your audience
How to be spontaneous and relaxed
What gets in your way - & how to shift it

Facilitated by Sam Chittenden

Sam is a coach and facilitator, and the creator of Different Development. With a background including many years as a Board Director, and as a published poet, she has a wide range of public speaking, media interview and performance experience. She also leads The Mastery of Self Expression in Brighton.

We also provide one-to-one coaching around communication skills, confidence and life change.

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